Brendon Nogard

Game Developer & Pixel Artist

Hey, I'm Brendon.

If you have a project in development and need to enhance the artistic appeal to pitch it to publishers, investors, or simply to improve your game.

If you need to develop your game from scratch and define the art style.

If you work in HR and are looking for an Art and Creative Director or Game Producer.

Perhaps I’m the right person for the job. Let’s talk about it.

Nogard Games

Over 14+ years working mainly as Game Artist and Indie Developer,  I’m now following my longstanding dream of building an indie game company. I’ve started Nogard Games as a one-man studio to release Immortalis.

Pixel Art School

Pixel Art is a community where Pixel Art is taken seriously. We are a community dedicated to teaching and instructing new and old artists specializing in Pixel Art and helping them to improve their art and enter the job market on a career path. We are mostly Brazilian but we are receptive and you will be welcome regardless of nationality.

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